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How Does the iPhone Stun Gun Work?

There are manual push controls on the side of the iPhone 6 device to activate the functions. The user must have full control of the device, press and hold the button while aiming at their target. The user must accurately aim the shock points towards the target for maximum results.

How can I purchase the iPhone Stun Gun?

Just click the "SHOP" link at the top of this and every page to access the secure shopping area. Please note our disclaimer before purchase.

What is the Return Policy?

Any Buyer can return the iPhone 6 Stun gun within 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE.

Returns will only be accepted if there is NO DAMAGE (physical, water, internal, etc.) CAUSED BY THE PURCHASER TO THE DEVICE. Any damages besides the company's malfunctioning issue, will result in the rejection of a return request.

Please click here to get the process started and choose "Returns" from the drop down subject menu.

What do I do if the iPhone 6 Stun Gun Malfunctions?

Please make sure you are using the device according to the directions for proper use.

If power does not turn on once pressed, please check the device to ensure its been properly charged. Charging the iPhone 6 Stun Gun gives it the full capabilities to perform properly.

If properly charged and still does not function, please click here and choose "Product Malfunction" from the drop down subject list.

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